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Tasnad city is located in the southern county of Satu Mare in the historical region Crisana. The city is located on a hill with an altitude of 220 meters. Mill Valley Village, which are part of the city, is located at an altitude of 134 meters. In 2000, Government Decision no. 417, was certified as the city Tasnad resort of local interest. Within the locality it was discovered a significant deposit thermo basin in 1978 a well being drilled capture thermal water at a depth of 1,354 m (4,715 probe). In "Pleasure Zone" of the city works since 1978, thermal resort, location that attracts every year thousands of tourists from Satu Mare County and neighboring counties, as well as foreign tourists. Thermal water, which has a surface temperature of 72 ° C and a total mineralization of 9.84 g / l, is predominantly chlorinated-bicarbonated-sulfated (in terms of dominance anions) and sodium-calcium-magnesian in the presence of ammonia and potassium.

This makes for use in external cure the degenerative rheumatic diseases, rheumatic abarticulare, peripheral neurological disorders chronic gynecological chronic (outside flares inflammatory), chronic posttraumatic associated diseases (diseases, endocrine diseases, metabolism) but also for toning baths, maintenance of fitness or simply leisure, by combining courses of water, air and sun. Tăşnad tourist resort is located 2 km from the center. In recent years it has become an attraction growing number of tourists both from home and abroad due to its thermal waters.

Spa cure is based on two natural therapeutic factors: thermal mineral water and bio-climate sedative. Locating in an area of plains and low hills with bioclimatic characteristics lead to less aggressive factors, the human body does not need to make efforts acclimatization without contraindications, typical for rest. Cura climate combined with hydrothermal may take place from May to October, outdoors and in landscaped grounds throughout the year. The resort currently benefiting from three thermal pools and a swimming pool covered with cold water.

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MarLiv Complex offers you to
spend your sunny days,
for an unbeatable tan, at
outdoor pool with heated water,
an oasis of tranquility and relaxation.

Quiet and Comfort

Quiet and Comfort

MarLiv 3-star complex - an oasis of peace. Comfortable rooms offered in version equipped with orthopedic mattress bed.



Relax at Wellness & SPA - ideal for restoring forces and preparing for a dream evening: Sauna, Jacuzzi, indoor salt water pool

Children Playground

Children Playground

The playground inside the complex MarLiv was created for children and parents alike. Located near the pool, parents can watch the kids play.


Wellness and SPA MarLiv

Wellness & SPA MarLiv - Escape from the stress of modern life
Come in an oasis of calm and peace where all that matters is your person!

Wellness means a healthy lifestyle and the revival of body, soul and spirit. To achieve this, it needs a suitable ambience, calm which facilitates a smooth experience and achieve inner balance. Our wellness center not only cools and refreshes your senses, but the atmosphere's special and unique steam bath will provide exceptional experiences.


Logo MarLiv
The tourist complex is located across the street from the new entry to the thermal spa (5 min walk). It has a capacity of 58 beds, 29 rooms with double bed with orthopedic mattress, each with bathroom has outdoor pool freshwater pool saltwater indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna, playground for children, table tennis, dining place. It can also be extra bed for children up to 12 years old.




Str. Ştefan cel Mare, nr.105,
Tăşnad, Satu Mare
telefon: +40 261 825082


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